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Save Money on Advertising

When compared to annual costs of traditional advertising (T.V., radio, etc.) vehicle wraps win hands down at 15-35 cents per 1000 views!

Constantly Attract New Clients

In the last 7 days the average person drove 302 miles! Statistics show that 95% of drivers are reached by advertising targeting vehicles.

Get More Recommendations

When your vehicle is parked in front of a home or business it's a roaring recommendation by that client that your service is worth using.

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Why are Vehicle Wraps an Effective Form of Advertising?

Impressions per day for each vehicle wrapped.
Greater company brand recognition and exposure.
Zero recurring monthly fees. Just a one-time payment.
Advertising that attracts business like a magnet.

How it Works

Wraps take your business from zero to hero

Now You Know Why and How

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Types of Vehicle Wraps Offered by Method Media

Full Vehicle Wraps

Make a lasting impression.

When you want to make a lasting impression the choice is a full vehicle wrap. A full wrap will maximize the ability for Method Media to employ our innovative design skills in order to bring your brand identity to life. If you have a monthly marketing budget, allocating a small portion to wrapping your work truck or fleet will yield an astounding ROI when compared to print, radio and T.V. ad.

3/4 Vehicle Wraps

Save money without sacrificing quality.

At Method Media we understand that not all businesses have a monthly marketing budget. If this is the case, opting for a 3/4 wrap may be a better solution for you. Our boundless creativity allows us to effectively utilize the color of your vehicle to work within our designs. This saves you money without sacrificing the quality needed to turn out a wildly effective mobile marketing opportunity.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

For the new or budget concious business.

For those that are highly budget conscious we offer partial wraps. Like with the 3/4 wraps, we can often work with the color of your vehicle and cohesively blend it in to our cutting edge designs. Just because you need to be budget conscious at the moment doesn’t mean you should miss out on the brand awareness a partial wrap can bring you. 30k to 70k impressions daily is not a bad place to start.

Color Change Vehicle Wraps

Variety, Protection, Flexibility

Adding a paint wrap to your vehicle is like covering your car in a protective film that shields the original finish from the elements. With the original finish protected, you can remove the wrap without the fear of damaging the paint preserving the resale value. And unlike a paint job, a color change wrap can be easily removed when you want to change things up.

  • Getting your vehicle wrapped can bring so much to your business and Method Media knocks it out of the park!

    . . .
    Brandon Zambrano.
  • Parking our wrapped truck in front of a house or business while installing tint has increased our referral calls dramatically.

    . . .
    Andy Forte
  • We're on the road A LOT and wrapping our trucks and trailers has given us a huge amount of exposure and brand recognition.

    . . .
    Joe Lopes

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